I am not a writer, so you may be asking why would you start a blog? The short answer is marketing. For some reason people like to know who the artist is that they are buying the work from. I never understood this. If I buy a movie or listen to music. I don’t need to read the directors diary to enjoy the film or read an insightful paragraph by my favorite musician to hear the music better.

All of this is foreign to me. People’s behavior has never clicked for me. Maybe that is because I’m on the Autistic spectrum. So maybe you can see in my head a little. If you understand that 90 percent of communication is nonverbal, imagine how confusing the world becomes if you only picked up on 20 percent or less of the nonverbal clues. It is not easy. I don’t know if I am coming across correctly or if I understand others. Do you like me or are you teasing me? It has been a struggle through trial and error to start to understand some of societal norms. I was able to pick up on things mostly by making some social faux pas, and either being ridiculed or insulted or offered a mild correction be some of the nicer people.  I’m not going to lie though. It is tiresome and you start to grow numb and resentful of the unspoken rules to a game that feels rigged. Art is the only thing that requires the one producing the product to also sell themselves as a commodity as much as sell their product. If I manufactured widgets no one would care how I looked and whether or not I looked the part. Why the beauty of shape is color and form not enough? I don’t understand people and I’m not sure I ever will?

I paint to express myself. I know you want to know what is in my head when I paint, but often times I don’t know until it is on canvas. Sometimes I have a story to tell, like with Hypergamy, Money won’t can’t buy love. I wanted to express my concern over people marrying for all the wrong reasons. That is why the gold separates the two roses. Sometimes I like to play with how your brain processes visual information, like in Anagram which is a reversal of image that makes your mind fill in gaps. Sometimes I just need to paint, to express that for which I have no words.

I hope you like my work. I hope it reminds you of something, or awakens something within you. Or that you hate it and it gets under your skin and makes you ask yourself why it had that effect. I just hope you feel something. To be damned by faint praise or to be matched to the colors in the sofa is a failure for me.

So I will open myself up just a little and try and verbalize who I am, but if you are really curious , follow my art and see for yourself. It is in my art that you can see