Ebb and Flow

If one were to sit under a tree and look upwards, a new perspective is allowed. The underside of a leaf, a branch, has it’s own unique characteristics. The subtle glimpse of the sky is referenced. This abstract allows the viewer an appreciation of the complexity of shade. The black outlines of the branches signify the connection to the tree as well as a connection to a source of stability. Richard asks the viewer, “If we look at a simple tree through a new vantage point, aren’t we afforded another often missed aspect of its beauty and purpose?” It is human nature to observe the surface beauty, but with time and adjustment of our vantage point, we will always find additional beauty and are afforded a new appreciation. The shadows of white light exemplify an inherent desire for others to reveal their true self to another.

18 x 20

Acrylic / Oil / Lacquer / Pen on Canvas

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